A Nostalgic Dream

Firstly, The Long Bar at Raffles Hotel, home of the Singapore Sling cocktail. No, we’re not alcoholics, it was my chance to connect with this charming place which held a fondness in my heart as my grandparents frequented there in the sixties. The art deco design was impressive, like stepping back in time, it was one of those rare moments you could truly feel what it used to be like back in the day. So if you’re in the area, pop in, it’s worth the experience.

© Tommy Taylor 2016

Breathtaking Heights

Then through the famous Marina Bay Sands (the hotel with a boat on top), we entered one of the most beautiful man-made places – Gardens by the Bay.

To say a lot of effort had been put into creating this place is an understatement, from the towering structures to the conservatories filled with year-long blooming flowers, Gardens by the Bay was truly breathtaking. After meandering through the plants, sculptures and lakes, we topped up our energy with some delicious and authentic Singapore noodles (when in Rome and all that).


The Singapore Flyer (left) and Gardens by the Bay (right)

© Tommy Taylor 2016


The Singapore bay at night

© Tommy Taylor 2016

Creative Encounters

Discovering all these wonderful places was enough to send my creative brain into overdrive and while journeying through the many parks, busy streets and thought-prokoking attractions, ideas for new clothing were already growing.

Sentosa Island was nothing but a Naval port in the sixties, but now it contains some of the biggest attractions in Singapore and receives 20 million visitors a year. During our visit we strolled across the sandy beaches, stopped off at a few bars and made a friend in the form of a peacock who took a shining to Graham wearing one of our bestselling feather T-shirts ?.

© Tommy Taylor 2016

Nocturnal Finds

After a full day exploring, we still jumped at an opportunity to travel across Singapore to the Night Safari – one of the only zoos in the world to offer such an experience. Seeing what these nocturnal animals get up to during the dark of the night was truly incredible. A highlight of mine was walking amongst trees of huge bats, seeing them up close and personal. As if that wasn’t enough, we took the last subway train back to Marina Bay Sands to take some stunning photos of the Singapore city skyline at night (photo above).

The beauty of the perfectly lit buildings and the coloured lights reflecting on the water was the perfect end to an exhausting day and the first leg of our Adventure of a Lifetime.

our choice of accommodation

Lloyd’s Inn

Coming across as an affordable small hostel for travellers to rest, Lloyds Inn felt like a luxurious hotel with a quaint outdoor shower and silk kimono robes to relax in. The modern style and very friendly staff made it a dream to come home to after long days on our feet. We definitely recommend.

© Tommy Taylor 2016