Our Eco-Friendly Promise

We endeavour to use environmentally friendly materials and methods wherever possible – from screen-printing by hand with eco inks to using biodegradable packaging.

We’re always looking for ways to reduce our impact on our beautiful planet and will continue to research even more sustainable options. Keep watching this space!​


Our clothing is obtained from sustainable sources, which include many made from natural, organic or pre-consumer recycled fabrics. We are also about to venture into using recycled polyesters. A huge amount of our range is also produced in solar-powered factories.


We’ve reduced our single-use plastic consumption by almost 100%, this means we use hemp or paper string to attach our tags instead of plastic barbs (some may still exist on old stock) and we package our goods in tissue paper instead of plastic bags. We also use environmentally friendly water-based inks, which are Soil Association Approved, Vegan and not tested on animals. All our cleaning products are citrus-based organic and drain safe.


We’ve started to introduce regenerated cotton yarn, which is derived from cotton waste from the cutting room, which is normally destined for landfill. We are also launching Recycled Polyester products produced from plastic bottles. We also recycle as much waste as possible.


We handcraft all of our items, including screen printing by hand – meaning less environmental impact due to using little to no electricity. We also use solar panels to store electricity to power a lot of our machines.


All our orders are sent in 100% eco packaging, which includes cardboard boxes, tissue paper and our new mailing bags are made from 100% recycled material and include a biodegradable additive, this means if it is discarded improperly it will only take a few months to decompose.

Our Zero Waste Pop-Up Shop